Atek Restaurant

A delicious food does not necessary to find out at shopping mall with good ambiance.  Sometime small stall provide a good food rather than at restaurant. As a quote said that ” Don’t judge book by the Cover”. It means we should not prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone. I found out Duta Mas is one of best place to find a delicious food with a reasonable price.



You may find same type of restaurant at opposite of Atek Restaurant as well. But I never been there, perhaps I may try to figure it out one day. I saw a lot people went to Atek Restaurant instead of opposite restaurant. I was attract to go to Atek Restaurant and curious ” how delicious Atek’s Char siu and Sau ruo Rice”.


Char siu, Sau ruo, Duck and Egg (Mixed) | Food Review: 4.85 out of 5


Chicken, Char siu, and Egg (Mixed) | Food Review: 4.85 out of 5

It has been a long time, I seldom eat char siu and sau ruo rice. Because I am unable to find a delicious char siu and sau ruo rice at Jakarta.  This time, Atek Restaurant is one of my restaurant list to visit . Anyway, I have been twice to visit Atek Restaurant. If you are in Medan (North-Sumatra), there are a lot delicious food that you may find out especially at Jalan Semarang Area.


One set of char siu, sau ruo, chicken and egg rice with soup

For readers who are concerned about taste of food, Atek Restaurant is one of your choices. It costs you around IDR 35,000 per pax and the service was not bad. They serve us very fast and on time.

How to get there:

Atek Restaurant
Phone: (021) 564 – 9115
Address: Kompl. Taman Duta Mas Bl C-1 B No. 6-B

Nanny’s Pavilion (Terrace)

Nanny’s Pavilion (Terrace) is kind of  vintage and garden concept restaurant. I was attractive to go there , it’s because of the design of the restaurant. That’s not one of the reason, I was curious too about the taste and service. When I went there, more than 10 person already being queued.


Nanny’s Pavilion (Terrace) – Vintage Concept


Nanny’s Pavilion (Terrace) – Garden Concept

Both of the restaurant was crowded and fully booked by visitor. When the waitress gave us a menu, I was totally confuse to look at their menu. I usually go for indonesia or chinese cuisine, but this time I wanted to try western cuisine.


Chicken steak with french fries  IDR 55,000 | Food Review: 3 out of 5

The design of the restaurant is not good as the taste where the meat is not soft enough. Perhaps the meat not cook long enough.


Chicken Baked Rice IDR 40,000 | Food Review: 3 out of 5

The sauce of the meat is uneven so that some of the part no sense but still acceptable for me. Despite that, they put over cheese.


Cheese Sausage Pancake – Dessert IDR 25,000 | Food Review : 4 out of 5

We thoroughly enjoyed  cheese sausage pancake – one of the dessert on the menu. Cheese sausage pancake were okey but the sauce not being overpowering.


The ambience


The ambience

The selling points of the restaurant are wonderful concept, lack of customer service, overpriced restaurant with disappointing food. I wrote a suggestion form to improve their food’s taste. My suggestion is don’t go for their main course, you may order their dessert (waffle or pancake). Maybe this restaurant suitable for tea time and recommended for chill out, dating and family gathering place.

Nanny’s Pavilion (Terrace)

Central Park Ground Floor

FI Unit 209

Jl.Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav 28

West – Jakarta

Phone: (021) – 5698-5758

Operation Hours: Mon – Sun 08.00 – 22.00



Waroeong Kopikoe, Jakarta


Waroeng Kopikoe is one of  authentic Indonesian Restauranta located in Central Park Shopping Mall. The concept of the restaurant is more on traditional design where the chair, table and floor made of wood. I would comment on poor customer service such as no smile, no greeting, no response when we inquired a seat.



The choices of the beverages more on Indonesia (Java) food. Perhaps introduce “chef” in once a while.

Crispy Mushroom IDR 19,000 | Rating: 3 out of 5

Chilly Padi Fried Rice IDR 23,000

Chilly Padi Fried Rice IDR 23,000|Rating : 3 out of 5

Nasi Uduk Complit IDR 28,000

Nasi Uduk Complit IDR 28,000 |Rating : 4 out of 5

The taste of crispy mushroom is fair enough. Why? It’s because the mushroom’s quiet crispy but not really salty. For me, I do not really know how to fried crispy mushroom well. When I looked at the menu and picture, I saw quiet unique food that I never try before which is chilly padi fried rice. The smell of the fried rice quiet weird and the taste is not really delicious compare to normal fried rice. The most famous rice when we came to Java restaurant is “Nasi Uduk”. Nasi Uduk complete that waroeng kopikoe serve quiet satisfying for us.

The value of this restaurant is acceptable compare to other Indonesia restaurant.




Despite indoor ambiance, they have outdoor ambiance where you may enjoy central park garden view. This restaurant is suitable for chill out with friends, best friends, and couple.

Find out their restaurant at:

Waroeng Kopikoe

Central Park 3rd Floor

Jl Letjen S Parman Kav 28 Slipi 11470

West Jakarta

Telp: (021) 29200285