Atek Restaurant

A delicious food does not necessary to find out at shopping mall with good ambiance.  Sometime small stall provide a good food rather than at restaurant. As a quote said that ” Don’t judge book by the Cover”. It means we should not prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone. I found out Duta Mas is one of best place to find a delicious food with a reasonable price.



You may find same type of restaurant at opposite of Atek Restaurant as well. But I never been there, perhaps I may try to figure it out one day. I saw a lot people went to Atek Restaurant instead of opposite restaurant. I was attract to go to Atek Restaurant and curious ” how delicious Atek’s Char siu and Sau ruo Rice”.


Char siu, Sau ruo, Duck and Egg (Mixed) | Food Review: 4.85 out of 5


Chicken, Char siu, and Egg (Mixed) | Food Review: 4.85 out of 5

It has been a long time, I seldom eat char siu and sau ruo rice. Because I am unable to find a delicious char siu and sau ruo rice at Jakarta.  This time, Atek Restaurant is one of my restaurant list to visit . Anyway, I have been twice to visit Atek Restaurant. If you are in Medan (North-Sumatra), there are a lot delicious food that you may find out especially at Jalan Semarang Area.


One set of char siu, sau ruo, chicken and egg rice with soup

For readers who are concerned about taste of food, Atek Restaurant is one of your choices. It costs you around IDR 35,000 per pax and the service was not bad. They serve us very fast and on time.

How to get there:

Atek Restaurant
Phone: (021) 564 – 9115
Address: Kompl. Taman Duta Mas Bl C-1 B No. 6-B

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